30 Examples of Phrasal Prepositions in Sentences

Phrasal prepositions are phrases that act as prepositions, showing the relationship between the noun or pronoun and another word in the sentence. They often consist of more than one word.

Examples of Phrasal Prepositions in Sentences

Here are 30 examples of sentences using phrasal prepositions:

  1. He is interested in addition to playing guitar.
  2. She was successful because of her hard work.
  3. The meeting was postponed due to bad weather.
  4. They were shocked in spite of the warnings.
  5. The project succeeded thanks to the team’s effort.
  6. He is known in accordance with his expertise.
  7. She acted in response to the emergency.
  8. The event was canceled on account of the rain.
  9. The law was changed as a result of public demand.
  10. They arrived ahead of schedule.
  11. The book was published in honor of the author’s legacy.
  12. He spoke on behalf of the group.
  13. The bridge was built in spite of the difficulties.
  14. She received praise in light of her achievements.
  15. The team played well in spite of the challenges.
  16. The policy was implemented in accordance with the new regulations.
  17. The celebration was held in honor of the retiring teacher.
  18. The decision was made in view of the current situation.
  19. The building was evacuated as a precaution against the storm.
  20. The scholarship is awarded on the basis of academic merit.
  21. The film was criticized on account of its historical inaccuracies.
  22. The team worked in collaboration with international experts.
  23. The museum was established in memory of the artist.
  24. The agreement was reached by means of negotiation.
  25. The charity operates in conjunction with local organizations.
  26. The course is offered with respect to advanced students.
  27. The law was enacted as per the committee’s recommendations.
  28. The festival is celebrated in observance of traditional customs.
  29. The project was completed with regard to environmental standards.
  30. The plan was developed in anticipation of future needs.

Examples of Phrasal Prepositions in Sentences


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