30 Examples of Prepositions of Agents or Things

Prepositions of agents or things indicate a relationship between an action and the person or thing that performs or receives the action. They are often used with passive voice constructions.

Examples of Prepositions of Agents or Things

Here are 30 examples of sentences using prepositions of agents or things:

  1. The book was written by J.K. Rowling.
  2. The painting was admired by everyone.
  3. The song was listened to by millions.
  4. The project was completed with great effort.
  5. The message was sent by email.
  6. The dinner was prepared by the chef.
  7. The decision was made by the committee.
  8. The poem was recited by the student.
  9. The house was designed by a famous architect.
  10. The play was directed by Steven Spielberg.
  11. The cake was baked by my grandmother.
  12. The speech was given by the president.
  13. The car was driven by an experienced driver.
  14. The letter was signed by the CEO.
  15. The photograph was taken by a professional.
  16. The song was sung by a renowned singer.
  17. The report was written by the research team.
  18. The agreement was signed by both parties.
  19. The story was told by the old man.
  20. The painting was restored by experts.
  21. The novel was inspired by true events.
  22. The movie was produced by a well-known studio.
  23. The software was developed by a small team.
  24. The garden was tended by the community.
  25. The documentary was narrated by a famous actor.
  26. The experiment was conducted by the scientists.
  27. The lecture was delivered by a visiting professor.
  28. The song was written by a young musician.
  29. The campaign was led by the activists.
  30. The building was constructed by a reputable company.

Examples of Prepositions of Agents or Things


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