30 Examples of Prepositions of Place and Direction

Prepositions of place and direction indicate the location or direction of something in relation to another object. They help describe where things are, where they are going, or where they are from.

Examples of Prepositions of Place and Direction

Here are 30 examples of sentences using prepositions of place and direction:

  1. The cat is under the table.
  2. She walked towards the park.
  3. He lives in New York.
  4. They moved to Canada last year.
  5. The painting is on the wall.
  6. She placed the vase above the fireplace.
  7. The school is across the street from the library.
  8. The dog ran around the yard.
  9. He leaned against the door.
  10. She looked through the window.
  11. The store is next to the bank.
  12. He drove past the supermarket.
  13. The keys are in the drawer.
  14. They are walking along the beach.
  15. The bird flew over the trees.
  16. She put the book on the shelf.
  17. The coffee shop is at the corner of the street.
  18. The flowers are in front of the house.
  19. The children are playing outside.
  20. He parked the car near the entrance.
  21. She hung the picture above the couch.
  22. The bus stop is in front of the school.
  23. He placed the ladder against the wall.
  24. They live down the road.
  25. The cat jumped onto the bed.
  26. The park is behind the museum.
  27. She walked through the door.
  28. The plane flew over the mountains.
  29. The ball rolled under the chair.
  30. The letter was on the table.

Examples of Prepositions of Place and Direction


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