30 Examples of Quantifiers in Sentences

Quantifiers are words or phrases used before a noun to indicate the amount or quantity. They can refer to either countable nouns (few, several, many) or uncountable nouns (little, much, a lot of).

Examples of Quantifiers in Sentences

Here are 30 example sentences with quantifiers:

  1. I have a few friends coming over.
  2. She drank too much water.
  3. We saw several birds in the park.
  4. He has a little patience for delays.
  5. There are many reasons to be happy.
  6. She needs a lot of flour for baking.
  7. Enough people have arrived to start the meeting.
  8. There were plenty of seats available.
  9. He has quite a few books on the subject.
  10. She found a great deal of information online.
  11. A large number of participants attended the workshop.
  12. There’s too little time to finish.
  13. A significant amount of money was raised.
  14. A small number of issues remain unresolved.
  15. She has an enormous amount of energy.
  16. A considerable number of people agree.
  17. There is hardly any milk left.
  18. A vast majority of people support the cause.
  19. He made a considerable amount of effort.
  20. They have a high percentage of success.
  21. There were a handful of dissenters.
  22. A minimal amount of effort is required.
  23. A copious amount of data was collected.
  24. She put in an adequate amount of work.
  25. An overwhelming majority of the community participated.
  26. An insufficient number of staff were present.
  27. There is an ample amount of space here.
  28. A limited number of tickets are available.
  29. An excessive amount of time was wasted.
  30. He has a surprising amount of knowledge on the topic.

Examples of Quantifiers in Sentences


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