30 Examples of Determiners in Sentences

Determiners are words placed in front of nouns to clarify what the noun refers to. They can indicate definiteness (the, this, that), indefiniteness (a, an, some), quantity (few, many, several), or possession (my, your, their).

Examples of Determiners in Sentences

Here are 30 example sentences with determiners:

  1. The book on the table is mine.
  2. I saw a cat in the garden.
  3. This story is fascinating.
  4. She has two brothers.
  5. Some people prefer coffee to tea.
  6. That car is fast.
  7. He wants three apples.
  8. My friend will come over later.
  9. Their house is huge.
  10. An elephant is a large animal.
  11. Each student received a certificate.
  12. No news is good news.
  13. She bought several dresses.
  14. Every child deserves love.
  15. Those shoes are stylish.
  16. Our team won the match.
  17. Many tourists visit the city.
  18. Few understand the complexity.
  19. Any help would be appreciated.
  20. All the cookies were eaten.
  21. Her painting won the first prize.
  22. These flowers are beautiful.
  23. Enough time has passed.
  24. Both answers are correct.
  25. Your opinion matters.
  26. Another chance will come.
  27. Most people agree with you.
  28. Which book do you prefer?
  29. Whose bag is this?
  30. Either option works for me.

Examples of Determiners in Sentences


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