30 Examples of Second Conditional Sentences

The second conditional is used to talk about hypothetical or unlikely situations in the present or future. It expresses dreams, hypotheticals, or speculative ideas. The structure involves if + past simple, then + would + base verb.

Examples of Second Conditional Sentences

Here are the 30 example sentences demonstrating the second conditional:

  1. If I won the lottery, I would travel the world.
  2. If you knew the answer, you would tell me, wouldn’t you?
  3. If he had more time, he would learn to play the piano.
  4. We would buy a new house if we had enough money.
  5. If she were the president, she would change many laws.
  6. You would pass the exam if you studied harder.
  7. If it were not raining, we would go for a walk.
  8. They would travel to Mars if it were possible.
  9. If I were you, I wouldn’t worry about it.
  10. She would write a book if she had the time.
  11. If we lived in a warmer climate, we would swim every day.
  12. He would be happier if he had more friends.
  13. If you didn’t eat so much junk food, you would be healthier.
  14. We would help you if we could, but we’re too far away.
  15. If I were taller, I would play basketball.
  16. You would enjoy the trip more if you liked adventure.
  17. If they offered me the job, I would take it.
  18. She would go vegan if she didn’t love cheese so much.
  19. We would start our own business if we had the capital.
  20. If it were safe, we would walk home at night.
  21. He would become an artist if he could make a living from it.
  22. You would understand if you had been there.
  23. If we had a boat, we would sail around the world.
  24. She would quit her job if she didn’t need the money.
  25. If I knew how to fly a plane, I would travel more often.
  26. They would move to the countryside if it were closer to work.
  27. You would lose weight if you exercised regularly.
  28. If he were more outgoing, he would make more friends.
  29. We would renovate our house if we won the lottery.
  30. If you could see the future, what would you do?

Examples of Second Conditional Sentences


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