30 Examples of Third Conditional Sentences

The third conditional is used to talk about past situations that did not happen and their hypothetical results. It is often used to express regret or to imagine a different outcome. The structure involves if + past perfect, then + would have + past participle.

Examples of Third Conditional Sentences

Here are the 30 example sentences demonstrating the third conditional:

  1. If I had known you were coming, I would have baked a cake.
  2. If you had studied harder, you would have passed the exam.
  3. He would have been on time if he hadn’t missed the bus.
  4. We would have bought that house if we had had enough money.
  5. If she hadn’t been sick, she would have gone to the party.
  6. You would have enjoyed the movie if you had watched it.
  7. If it hadn’t rained, we would have gone hiking.
  8. They would have called you if they had had your number.
  9. If I had seen him, I would have told him.
  10. She would have stayed longer if she hadn’t had to work.
  11. We would have traveled last year if it hadn’t been for the pandemic.
  12. If you had left earlier, you wouldn’t have been stuck in traffic.
  13. He would have won the race if he hadn’t fallen.
  14. If they had known the truth, they would have acted differently.
  15. I would have called you if I had had your new number.
  16. You would have found a better job if you had looked harder.
  17. If we hadn’t lost the map, we wouldn’t have gotten lost.
  18. She would have been happier if she had chosen a different career.
  19. If I had invested in that company, I would be rich now.
  20. They would have stayed friends if they hadn’t argued so much.
  21. You would have seen him if you had arrived on time.
  22. If we had brought an umbrella, we wouldn’t have gotten wet.
  23. He would have passed the course if he hadn’t skipped so many classes.
  24. If she had taken the medicine, she would have felt better.
  25. We would have missed the storm if we had left earlier.
  26. You would have understood the joke if you had known the background.
  27. If I had realized what was happening, I would have helped.
  28. They would have enjoyed the trip more if they hadn’t been so busy.
  29. If he had listened to the advice, he wouldn’t have made the mistake.
  30. You would have appreciated the gesture if you had known the effort involved.

Examples of Third Conditional Sentences


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