30 Examples of Subjunctive Mood in Sentences

The subjunctive mood is used to express wishes, hypothetical situations, demands, or suggestions. It often explores scenarios that are not guaranteed to happen or are imagined.

Examples of Subjunctive Mood in Sentences

Here are the 30 example sentences showcasing the subjunctive mood:

  1. I wish I were a bird.
  2. It’s essential that she be present at the meeting.
  3. If I were you, I would apologize.
  4. He suggests that we stay indoors.
  5. I demand that he apologize immediately.
  6. If only it were sunny today.
  7. She proposed that we take a short break.
  8. It’s crucial that the document be signed by tomorrow.
  9. I’d rather you didn’t smoke here.
  10. He insisted that she attend the seminar.
  11. If he were more attentive, he wouldn’t make so many mistakes.
  12. She requested that he turn down the music.
  13. They recommended that we visit the museum.
  14. It’s vital that you understand the instructions.
  15. I wish it were possible to turn back time.
  16. It’s important that everyone be on time.
  17. If only I could see her again.
  18. He asked that we consider his proposal carefully.
  19. She advised that I arrive early.
  20. They insisted that the rules be followed.
  21. I’d prefer it if you wouldn’t mention this to anyone.
  22. It’s imperative that the package be delivered today.
  23. If I were in charge, things would be different.
  24. He demanded that the work be completed by Friday.
  25. She wishes she could live abroad.
  26. They suggested that he read the instructions first.
  27. It’s necessary that she submit the application before the deadline.
  28. If only we had more time.
  29. She proposed that we start the project next week.
  30. I wish you were here with me.

Examples of Subjunctive Mood in Sentences


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