30 Examples of Subjective Case

The subjective case in grammar refers to when a noun or pronoun is the subject of a verb. It is used to indicate who or what is performing the action. In English, most nouns do not change form between the subjective and objective cases, but pronouns often do.

Examples of Subjective Case

Here are 30 example sentences using pronouns in the subjective case:

  1. She is going to the store.
  2. I have completed my work.
  3. They were late to the meeting.
  4. He plays the guitar beautifully.
  5. We are planning a trip to Paris.
  6. You are always welcome here.
  7. It is raining outside.
  8. Who knows the answer to this question?
  9. I think she is right.
  10. They didn’t realize we were waiting.
  11. He and I are good friends.
  12. She loves to read novels.
  13. You and I should collaborate on this project.
  14. We were astonished by the news.
  15. It looks like a valuable antique.
  16. Who will be attending the conference?
  17. They enjoy hiking on weekends.
  18. She can sing very well.
  19. I am learning to cook Italian cuisine.
  20. You have a message from John.
  21. He is fluent in three languages.
  22. We saw a shooting star last night.
  23. It takes courage to speak the truth.
  24. Who left the door open?
  25. They are experts in their field.
  26. She has a very creative mind.
  27. You need to be more careful.
  28. I will call you tomorrow.
  29. He has a very unique perspective.
  30. We are all in this together.

Examples of Subjective Case


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