30 Examples of The Unreal Conditionals

Unreal conditionals discuss situations that are imaginary, hypothetical, or unlikely to happen.

Examples of The Unreal Conditionals

Here are the 30 example sentences for unreal conditionals:

  1. If I were a bird, I would fly high.
  2. If he had a million dollars, he would buy a mansion.
  3. She would travel the world if she won the lottery.
  4. If they were superheroes, they would save the world.
  5. I would write a book if I had more time.
  6. If we lived on Mars, we would need to wear spacesuits.
  7. She would be a great chef if she knew how to cook.
  8. If I were invisible, I would sneak into movies.
  9. They would climb Mount Everest if they were climbers.
  10. If he were the president, he would change many laws.
  11. She would buy a yacht if she were a billionaire.
  12. We would solve many problems if we had all the answers.
  13. If I had a time machine, I would visit ancient Egypt.
  14. They would be famous if they were in a band.
  15. If she could fly, she would visit her friends more often.
  16. He would be a great actor if he pursued acting.
  17. If we knew alien languages, we could communicate with extraterrestrials.
  18. She would invent a new gadget if she were a scientist.
  19. If I were a painter, I would create a masterpiece.
  20. They would build a castle if they lived in medieval times.
  21. If he could teleport, he would travel instantly.
  22. She would solve mysteries if she were a detective.
  23. If we could breathe underwater, we would explore the oceans.
  24. He would be a champion if he entered the competition.
  25. If she had magical powers, she would help people.
  26. We would create a utopia if we could.
  27. If I were a chef, I would cook gourmet meals.
  28. They would win every game if they had super strength.
  29. If she were a queen, she would rule wisely.
  30. He would discover new stars if he were an astronaut.

Examples of The Unreal Conditionals


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