30 Example Sentences Using Auxiliary verbs

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Definition of Auxiliary Verbs

Auxiliary verbs are helpers in English. They team up with main verbs to show time, mood, or voice. Think of them like a support team for the main action words. For example, in the sentence “I am running,” “am” is the auxiliary verb that helps to show the action is happening right now. In “She has eaten,” “has” helps to tell us the eating is already done. These little helpers are key in making sentences clear and showing when and how things happen.

Examples of Auxiliary Verbs in Sentences

  1. I can swim.
  2. She has finished her work.
  3. They are coming to the party.
  4. He will travel to France next year.
  5. We have seen that movie.
  6. You should try the new restaurant.
  7. The cat is sleeping on the sofa.
  8. It might rain later.
  9. Jenny was dancing all night.
  10. The project must be completed by Friday.
  11. You could see the difference.
  12. They would like more coffee.
  13. I do not understand this lesson.
  14. She does not like spicy food.
  15. We did not go to the beach.
  16. The door can be opened now.
  17. This should not be so difficult.
  18. The flowers have bloomed early this year.
  19. He has been working here since 2010.
  20. They were watching a movie when I called.
  21. I am feeling a bit tired.
  22. You will need to sign in.
  23. It might be too late to go now.
  24. She was planning to visit tomorrow.
  25. The team has won its first match.
  26. We are thinking about moving.
  27. You could see the stars clearly.
  28. They would often go for a walk.
  29. He does his homework on time.
  30. The music was playing softly in the background.

Examples of Auxiliary Verbs in Sentences


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