30 Example Sentences Using Phrasal Verbs

Welcome to today’s useful lesson! If you’re looking to get better at English or just starting out, you’re in the right place. Today, we’re focusing on something very interesting in English. It’s something you hear a lot in everyday talks. This lesson is all about making those tricky parts of English easier for you. Let’s get started and make learning fun!

Definition of Phrasal Verbs

Phrasal verbs are a combination of a verb and one or more particles, either prepositions or adverbs, or both. Together, they take on a meaning different from the original verb.

For instance, “look up” can mean to search for information in a book or online, which is different from just “looking,” which means to see.

Another example is “give up,” which means to stop trying, quite different from just “giving,” which involves handing something over.

Phrasal verbs are common in everyday English and are often used in informal speech. Understanding them can significantly improve your fluency and comprehension.

Examples of Phrasal Verbs in Sentences

  1. I ran into an old friend at the mall.
  2. She looked after the kids yesterday.
  3. He turned down the job offer.
  4. They broke up last month.
  5. Can you turn up the music?
  6. She came across an old diary in her attic.
  7. I put off my meeting until tomorrow.
  8. They get along really well.
  9. He picked out a nice suit for the interview.
  10. She threw away the old newspapers.
  11. They set up a new business.
  12. I need to wake up early tomorrow.
  13. She called off the party.
  14. He looked up the word in the dictionary.
  15. They went over the report again.
  16. Can you hold on a second?
  17. I ran out of milk.
  18. She broke down in tears.
  19. They filled out the application.
  20. He passed away last year.
  21. She made up a funny story.
  22. They caught up over coffee.
  23. He pointed out the error.
  24. She took off her shoes.
  25. They hung up the picture.
  26. He dropped off the package.
  27. She backed up her files.
  28. They looked forward to the vacation.
  29. He came up with a great idea.
  30. She put on her coat.

Examples of Phrasal Verbs in Sentences


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