Correct Use of CAN: 20 Sentences Using CAN

Welcome to our useful lesson today! If you’re learning English or looking to polish your skills, you’ve come to the right place. Today, we’re focusing on a small word with big power: “can.” Understanding how to use it will unlock many doors in your English journey. So, let’s get started with this simple guide, crafted to help everyone grasp this essential part of speech.

Correct Use of ‘CAN’

The word “can” is a modal verb in English. It is used to express ability, ask for permission, and offer possibilities. Here are some rules to keep in mind:

  1. Ability or Skill: Use “can” to talk about someone’s skill or ability to do something.
  2. Permission: “Can” is often used to ask for or give permission.
  3. Possibility: Use “can” to suggest something is possible.

20 Sentences Using CAN

  1. With practice, you can improve.
  2. Can you lend a hand?
  3. A kind word can uplift someone’s spirits.
  4. You can see the difference with a closer look.
  5. Recycling cans can benefit the environment.
  6. Can I join the game?
  7. A good book can transport you to another world.
  8. One small step can lead to a big change.
  9. Can we make it on time?
  10. In silence, you can find peace.
  11. A smile can brighten a gloomy day.
  12. Can this be the solution we’re seeking?
  13. Creativity can flourish with constraints.
  14. A single candle can light up the darkness.
  15. Can you hear the melody in the breeze?
  16. With a map, you can explore new territories.
  17. Can we agree on a compromise?
  18. Patience can turn tides in your favor.
  19. A heartfelt apology can mend fences.
  20. With the right tools, you can craft wonders.

Sentences Using CAN


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