Correct Use of Could: 20 Sentences Using Could

Today, we’re sharing a useful lesson about a word many English learners are curious about: “could.” This word is very handy and can be used in many ways. Understanding how to use “could” will help you sound more like a native speaker and express many ideas, from polite requests to talking about possibilities in the past.

Correct Use of ‘Could’

“Could” is a modal verb used in several contexts. It can express:

  1. Ability in the past: When you want to talk about something you were able to do in the past but not necessarily now.
  2. Polite requests: “Could” is softer and more polite than “can.”
  3. Suggestions or offers: It’s a gentle way to suggest something.
  4. Possibilities: To talk about something that might be possible or might have been possible in the past.

20 Sentences Using Could

  1. If we hurry, we could still catch the bus.
  2. Could you possibly lower the music a bit?
  3. On holidays, we could often be found at the beach.
  4. You could really make a difference with a little effort.
  5. The view from the hill could take your breath away.
  6. In her youth, she could dance for hours without getting tired.
  7. Could it be that you’re right and I’m wrong?
  8. Could I ask for a favor?
  9. Kindness could change a day.
  10. Could we choose pizza tonight?
  11. Sometimes, a good book could be the best company.
  12. Could you consider my proposal for a moment?
  13. In the past, letters could take weeks to arrive.
  14. A few words of encouragement could boost his confidence.
  15. Could we maybe try a different approach this time?
  16. This small village could be the perfect getaway spot.
  17. Could there be any truth to the legend?
  18. With some practice, you could master this skill in no time.
  19. Could I have a moment of your time?
  20. A surprise visit from an old friend could cheer her up.

Sentences Using COULD


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