Correct Use of “DID”: 20 Sentences Using “DID”

In this useful lesson, we are looking at a very common word: “did.” This word is a past form of “do” and is used a lot in English. Knowing how to use “did” will help you talk about things that happened before. Let’s learn together so you can use “did” just right.

Correct Use of “DID”

“Did” is used to:

  1. Form questions in the past tense: When asking about something that happened before.
  2. Emphasize actions in the past: To stress that something really happened.
  3. Form negative sentences in the past: By using “did not” or “didn’t” to talk about things that didn’t happen.

20 Sentences Using “DID”

  1. Did you check the mail today?
  2. We did go to the beach last summer, remember?
  3. Did she ever apologize for her mistake?
  4. The concert did live up to our expectations.
  5. Did anyone call for me while I was out?
  6. I did try to fix the leak myself.
  7. Did they arrive on time for the meeting?
  8. You did mention wanting to leave early, right?
  9. Did it seem like rain was coming?
  10. He did make an effort to apologize.
  11. Did we lock the door before leaving?
  12. They did not appreciate the gesture as expected.
  13. Did you really not hear the phone ring?
  14. The movie did start at eight, didn’t it?
  15. Did the dog eat his dinner?
  16. I did warn them about the traffic.
  17. Did everyone agree with the decision?
  18. She did not catch the early train, after all.
  19. Did the story surprise you?
  20. They did finish the project ahead of schedule, surprisingly.

Sentences Using DID


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