Correct Use of “DO”: 20 Sentences Using “DO”

Today, let’s learn about a small but powerful word in English: “do.” This word helps us talk about actions and is very common. Whether you’re just starting with English or want to get even better, knowing how to use “do” will be very helpful. Let’s get started with this useful lesson.

Correct Use of “DO”

“DO” is used in several ways in English:

  1. To indicate an action: It’s often used as a main verb to talk about actions or tasks.
  2. In questions: “Do” helps to form questions for most verbs, except for “to be,” modal verbs, and “to have” as a full verb.
  3. For emphasis: When you want to stress something, you can use “do” even in positive statements.
  4. In negative sentences: “Do not” or “don’t” is used to make sentences negative.

20 Sentences Using “DO”

  1. Do you want to go outside?
  2. I do my chores on Saturdays.
  3. Do not touch the wet paint.
  4. They do enjoy a good movie.
  5. Do we have any milk left?
  6. Do be careful with that vase.
  7. You do need to study for the test.
  8. Do try the cake; it’s delicious.
  9. We do go to the beach every summer.
  10. Do you have any questions?
  11. Do listen to the instructions carefully.
  12. I do believe in ghosts.
  13. Do not enter the restricted area.
  14. They do play tennis on Sundays.
  15. Do remember to lock the door.
  16. Do you know the way to the station?
  17. We do need more volunteers.
  18. Do take your umbrella; it might rain.
  19. Do not forget to call me.
  20. Do come on time for the meeting.

Sentences Using Do


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