Correct Use of HIS: 20 Sentences Using HIS

Today, we’re going to learn about a small but important word in English: “his.” This word helps us talk about something that belongs to a boy or a man. Understanding how to use “his” correctly can make our sentences clear and show who owns or has something. It’s a piece of the puzzle that makes English fun and interesting to learn. So, let’s look at how “his” fits into our language picture.

Correct Use of ‘HIS’

The word “his” is used to show that something belongs to or is related to a male person or animal. It’s a possessive adjective, which means it comes before a noun to show who owns that noun. For example, in “his book,” “his” tells us that the book belongs to him. Remember, “his” can be used for both people and animals when we talk about them as males.

20 Sentences Using “HIS”

  1. He always takes his dog for a walk in the park.
  2. His favorite color is blue.
  3. His bike was stolen yesterday.
  4. During the summer, his family goes to the beach.
  5. His homework is always done on time.
  6. For his birthday, he wants a new video game.
  7. The teacher praised him for his hard work.
  8. His glasses were left on the table.
  9. In his free time, he loves to read books.
  10. The keys in his pocket jingled as he walked.
  11. His shoes were very shiny and new.
  12. His laughter filled the room with joy.
  13. The hat on his head was too big.
  14. His eyes sparkled with excitement.
  15. His jacket was hung on the back of the chair.
  16. His dream is to travel the world.
  17. The book in his hands looked old.
  18. His answer to the question was correct.
  19. His voice was very soft and calm.
  20. On his desk, there was a picture of his family.

Sentences Using HIS


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