Correct Use of Indefinite Article THE: 20 Sentences Using THE

In this useful lesson, we’ll explore a small but mighty part of English: “the.” You might see it everywhere, but it has its own special rules. Understanding how to use it can really help in speaking and writing English better. So, let’s learn about “the” and see how it fits into different sentences. This will make your English sound more natural and clear.

Correct Use of ‘THE’

When we talk about using “the,” we’re talking about a specific item or thing that both the speaker and the listener know about. It’s like pointing to a cake at a party and saying, “Pass me the cake,” because there’s only one cake there, and everyone knows which one you’re talking about.

  1. The cat is sleeping.
  2. She passed the test with flying colors.
  3. Can you see the moon tonight?
  4. The apples are ripe and ready to eat.
  5. He forgot to close the door.
  6. They walked to the park together.
  7. The book on the table is mine.
  8. She wore the dress you gave her.
  9. The flowers in the garden are blooming.
  10. We listened to the music and relaxed.
  11. He washed the car on Sunday.
  12. The pizza was delicious.
  13. I found the keys you lost.
  14. She’ll meet us at the airport.
  15. The sun sets in the west.
  16. He’s the teacher of our class.
  17. The movie starts at 8 PM.
  18. She brushed the dog’s fur.
  19. Can you turn off the light?
  20. He drank the water quickly.

In these sentences, “the” helps us talk about specific things that both the person speaking and the person listening understand. It’s a simple tool, but it makes a big difference in making our meaning clear.

Sentences Using THE


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