30 Example Sentences Using Intensive Pronouns

Welcome to this useful lesson! Today, we have something special for those who are eager to learn or enhance their English. We’re focusing on a part of English that can make your sentences more exciting. It’s not always easy, but with a bit of practice, you can get the hang of it. Let’s make learning fun and straightforward!

Definition of Intensive Pronouns

Intensive pronouns are used to emphasize a noun or another pronoun that’s already mentioned in the sentence. They help to highlight or stress the importance of the subject. These pronouns are formed by adding the suffix “-self” or “-selves” to personal pronouns like “I,” “you,” “he,” “she,” “it,” “we,” and “they.

For example, in the sentence “I made the cake myself,” the word “myself” is an intensive pronoun emphasizing that I was the one who made the cake, without help from anyone else. Intensive pronouns don’t change the meaning of the sentence; they just add emphasis. They can be removed without altering the sentence’s basic structure, but the emphasis on the subject will be lost.

Examples of Intensive Pronouns in Sentences

  1. She herself baked the cookies.
  2. They completed the project themselves.
  3. He himself fixed the car.
  4. The cat opened the door itself.
  5. We will do the work ourselves.
  6. You yourself can see the difference.
  7. I painted the picture myself.
  8. The dog itself found its way home.
  9. The teacher herself gave us extra homework.
  10. The machine turns off itself.
  11. You yourselves should try it.
  12. The president himself attended the meeting.
  13. She herself chose the dress.
  14. They themselves were surprised by the win.
  15. The children made the card themselves.
  16. He himself admitted the mistake.
  17. The artist herself showcased the painting.
  18. We ourselves couldn’t believe it.
  19. The bird flew out of the window itself.
  20. You yourself wrote this poem.
  21. I myself am responsible for this.
  22. The actress herself appeared on stage.
  23. They themselves organized the event.
  24. She herself will tell you the story.
  25. The device switches on itself.
  26. You yourselves know the truth.
  27. He himself made this decision.
  28. We ourselves saw the change happen.
  29. The cat itself is very playful.
  30. The singer herself performed the encore.

Examples of Intensive Pronouns in Sentences


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