30 Example Sentences Using Relative Pronouns

Welcome to our useful lesson today. It’s all about making your English better. Think of English as a puzzle. Each word is a piece. Today, we’re looking at special pieces that connect others in a fun way. This lesson is for everyone who loves English. Let’s make learning easy and exciting!

Definition of Relative Pronouns

Relative pronouns are words that link clauses to nouns or pronouns, adding more information without starting a new sentence. They include “who,” “whom,” “whose,” “which,” and “that.” For example, in the sentence “The person who called you is my friend,” “who” connects the extra detail to “the person.” These pronouns are like bridges, making sentences flow better by linking details to nouns or pronouns, giving us a fuller picture without extra sentences.

Examples of Relative Pronouns in Sentences

  1. The teacher, who loves books, recommended a new novel.
  2. The cat that my sister found was very friendly.
  3. The house which is on the corner is for sale.
  4. The student whose backpack was lost was very upset.
  5. The artist, whom we met yesterday, is quite talented.
  6. This is the movie that made me cry.
  7. The car, which John bought last week, is already broken.
  8. The book whose cover is torn is mine.
  9. She’s the one who always helps out.
  10. The park where we used to play is now closed.
  11. The boy whose dog escaped was very worried.
  12. The cake that she baked was delicious.
  13. The teacher who lives next door is very kind.
  14. The phone which was on the table is now missing.
  15. The lady whom you saw is my aunt.
  16. The town where I grew up is very small.
  17. The car that broke down belonged to my brother.
  18. The books which are on the shelf are all classics.
  19. The student whose work was outstanding received an award.
  20. The movie that we watched last night was thrilling.
  21. The park where the children play is being renovated.
  22. The flowers which she planted are blooming beautifully.
  23. The man who called yesterday will visit soon.
  24. The necklace that she lost was very precious.
  25. The painter whom we admire is holding an exhibition.
  26. The country where I want to travel is Japan.
  27. The recipe which she shared is very easy.
  28. The athlete who won the race is from Brazil.
  29. The phone whose screen is broken still works.
  30. The story that he told was very interesting.

Examples of Relative Pronouns in Sentences


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