Correct Use of MAY: 20 Sentences Using MAY

Welcome to this useful lesson where we explore the word “MAY”. This small word is very powerful in English. It helps us ask for permission, talk about possibilities, and even make polite requests. Understanding how to use “MAY” correctly can really help you communicate better. So, let’s learn together and make your English even stronger!

Correct Use of “MAY”

The word “MAY” is used in different ways in English. Here are some rules to remember:

  1. Asking for Permission: “MAY” is often used to politely ask for permission to do something.
  2. Possibility: “MAY” can also indicate that something is possible or might happen.
  3. Polite Requests: Sometimes, “MAY” is used to make a request sound more polite.

20 Sentences Using “MAY”

  1. You may come in now.
  2. May I use your pen?
  3. It may rain later today.
  4. May we join you for lunch?
  5. She may have left already.
  6. May I open the window?
  7. They may not agree with us.
  8. May I have a glass of water?
  9. We may go to the beach tomorrow.
  10. He may be the right person for the job.
  11. May I ask a question?
  12. The show may start at 8 PM.
  13. May we leave the table now?
  14. She may call us later.
  15. May I borrow your book?
  16. The path may be slippery.
  17. May I help you with that?
  18. You may find it interesting.
  19. The teacher said we may have a test.
  20. May I take a message?

Sentences Using May


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