Correct Use of MUST: 20 Sentences Using MUST

Today, we have a useful lesson about a very important word: “MUST.” This word is like a little key that can open big doors in English. It helps us say what’s necessary or very important. Think of it as a helper that makes your sentences clear and strong. So, if you’re learning English or just want to make your English even better, you’re in the right place!

Correct Use of “MUST”

The word “MUST” is used to express something that is necessary or required. It can show obligation, a strong recommendation, or a necessity. When we use “MUST,” we’re talking about things that are important to do.

20 Sentences Using “MUST”

  1. You MUST be on time for the meeting.
  2. She MUST finish her homework before playing.
  3. To stay healthy, we MUST eat fruits and vegetables.
  4. They MUST apologize for their mistake.
  5. MUST we always wear a uniform to school?
  6. He MUST see a doctor immediately.
  7. MUST I complete all these tasks by today?
  8. For safety, you MUST wear a helmet while biking.
  9. We MUST save water to help the environment.
  10. She MUST practice daily to improve her skills.
  11. Dogs MUST be kept on a leash in the park.
  12. To enter the club, you MUST be over 18 years old.
  13. One MUST be careful when crossing the street.
  14. MUST you always answer back?
  15. They MUST turn off the lights before leaving.
  16. Everyone MUST bring their own notebooks.
  17. MUST we attend the morning assembly?
  18. You MUST follow the instructions carefully.
  19. He MUST report to the office immediately.
  20. To maintain order, one MUST respect the rules.

Sentences Using MUST


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