Correct Use of OUGHT TO: 20 Sentences Using OUGHT TO

Welcome to today’s useful lesson where we’re going to make English a bit easier for you. Understanding “ought to” is our goal. It’s a phrase that pops up often in conversations and writing. Think of it as a helper for expressing advice or recommendations. Ready to get a grip on it? Great, let’s start!

Correct Use of “OUGHT TO”

“Ought to” is used to give advice or suggest something is a good idea. It’s similar to “should” but a bit less forceful. Here’s how you can use “ought to”:

  • To express a recommendation: “You ought to see the doctor.”
  • To suggest a duty or obligation: “They ought to apologize.”
  • To express something expected or probable: “The movie ought to be good.”

20 Sentences Using “OUGHT TO”

  1. You ought to try the apple pie; it’s delicious.
  2. They ought to respect the rules more.
  3. The garden ought to look stunning in spring.
  4. Ought to we call them now or later?
  5. She ought to finish her homework before going out.
  6. We ought to save some money for emergencies.
  7. Ought to you be driving in this weather?
  8. The meeting ought to be over by lunchtime.
  9. He ought to take better care of his health.
  10. Ought to I remind you about the appointment?
  11. The team ought to practice more to win.
  12. You ought to apologize for your mistake.
  13. It ought to rain later, according to the forecast.
  14. Ought to they be informed about the changes?
  15. Everyone ought to have access to clean water.
  16. The film ought to start any minute now.
  17. You ought to wear a helmet when cycling.
  18. They ought to make a decision soon.
  19. This book ought to be on your reading list.
  20. Ought to we expect them anytime soon?

Using “ought to” in various positions within sentences can help you express advice, obligations, or expectations more naturally. Feel free to practice these sentences and incorporate them into your daily English usage.

Sentences Using OUGHT TO


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