Correct Use of WAS: 20 Sentences Using WAS

Today we have a useful lesson about the word “WAS.” It’s a simple word, but very important in English. You will see it a lot when people talk about the past. Our lesson will help you understand how to use it. Let’s make sure you can use “WAS” like a pro.

Correct Use of “WAS”

“WAS” is a past tense form of the verb “to be.” It’s used for describing things that happened or how things were in the past. We use “WAS” when we talk about one person, one thing, or when the subject is “I.”

20 Sentences Using “WAS”

  1. The sky was blue yesterday.
  2. She was happy to see her friend.
  3. There was a cat under the table.
  4. I was hungry after the game.
  5. He was the best in his class.
  6. It was a sunny day.
  7. The book was on the shelf.
  8. My phone was lost, but now it’s found.
  9. The movie was exciting.
  10. Dinner was delicious last night.
  11. The test was really hard.
  12. The park was crowded on Sunday.
  13. My coffee was too hot.
  14. The joke was very funny.
  15. The lesson was helpful.
  16. My seat was uncomfortable.
  17. The music was too loud.
  18. Her dress was really pretty.
  19. The museum was closed when we arrived.
  20. The window was open all night.

Sentences Using WAS


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