Correct Use of SHOULD: 20 Sentences Using SHOULD

Welcome to today’s useful lesson on the English word “should.” “Should” is a helpful word we use a lot. It’s like a gentle guide for what we might do. Think of it as a friendly suggestion, not a strict rule. This lesson will make it easier to use “should” in your sentences, so your English can get better. Let’s learn together!

Correct Use of “SHOULD”

The word “should” is used in English to give advice, suggest something, express what is likely or expected, and to talk about obligations that are not too strong. Here are some key rules to remember:

  1. Advice and Suggestions: Use “should” when you want to give someone advice or suggest a course of action.
  2. Expectations: “Should” can express something you expect to happen or think is likely.
  3. Mild Obligations: Use it to talk about duties or responsibilities that are recommended but not mandatory.
  4. Conditional Sentences: “Should” is used in the if-clause of conditional sentences to express something that is unlikely or surprising.

20 Sentences Using “SHOULD”

  1. You should try the new café downtown.
  2. He should be here by now.
  3. I think we should take a break.
  4. They should have arrived last night.
  5. Should we call them again?
  6. You should see the view from here.
  7. We should help with the cleanup.
  8. It should rain later today.
  9. She should know the answer.
  10. The movie should start at 8 PM.
  11. You should check your email.
  12. Should I bring anything?
  13. They should be more careful.
  14. We should visit grandma this weekend.
  15. He should finish his homework before playing.
  16. The bus should arrive in five minutes.
  17. You should wear a jacket; it’s cold outside.
  18. They should apologize for the mistake.
  19. Should there be any leftovers, save them for tomorrow.
  20. She should understand the instructions by now.

Sentences Using SHOULD


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