Correct Use of WHICH: 20 Sentences Using WHICH

Understanding the word “WHICH” is a big step in learning English. This useful lesson helps you know how to use it right. Many English learners find “WHICH” tricky. But with examples, it gets easier. So, let’s learn together!

Correct Use of “WHICH”

“WHICH” is a word we use to ask about things or to give more information about something already mentioned. It often starts a question or a relative clause. Remember, when talking about choices from a specific set, “WHICH” is your go-to word. Also, it’s common in questions and sentences that give extra details about a subject.

20 Sentences Using “WHICH”

  1. The book, which you lent me, was fascinating.
  2. Which flavor do you want, chocolate or vanilla?
  3. She couldn’t decide which dress to wear.
  4. We visited Paris, which is known for its beauty.
  5. Which of these movies have you seen?
  6. The cat, which was hiding, suddenly jumped out.
  7. I forgot which day the meeting was.
  8. Which route should we take to avoid traffic?
  9. He showed me the painting, which he had finished.
  10. Which is your favorite, tea or coffee?
  11. They asked which project I preferred.
  12. The car, which was old, broke down again.
  13. Which subject do you like the most?
  14. I’m not sure which way to turn at the junction.
  15. The story, which made me laugh, was a good choice.
  16. Which team do you support in football?
  17. He couldn’t remember which book he had borrowed.
  18. Which of these do you think is better?
  19. The museum, which we visited last year, was closed.
  20. Which song do you want to hear next?

Sentences Using WHICH


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