Correct Use of WHO: 20 Sentences Using WHO

Today, we have a useful lesson about a simple word many people use every day: “who.” This word helps us talk about people in our sentences. Understanding how to use “who” makes our English better and clearer. It’s easy and fun to learn. Let’s start our journey with “who.”

Correct Use of “WHO”

The word “who” is a pronoun used to ask about or describe people. It often comes at the beginning of a question or in the middle of a sentence to give more information about a person.

  • Use “who” to ask about people: “Who is coming to the party?”
  • “Who” can connect extra details to a person in a sentence: “Lisa, who is my best friend, loves to dance.”

20 Sentences Using “WHO”

  1. She’s the one who found the lost cat.
  2. Who wants ice cream?
  3. Mark, who loves books, is at the library.
  4. I wonder who left the door open.
  5. Who can help me with this puzzle?
  6. The teacher, who is very kind, helped us a lot.
  7. Who knows the answer to this question?
  8. My brother, who plays guitar, is in a band.
  9. Who is going to the game tonight?
  10. The artist who painted this is very talented.
  11. Can you tell me who called earlier?
  12. Everyone who arrived early got a good seat.
  13. I don’t know who she is talking to.
  14. Who would like to go first?
  15. The player who scores the most wins.
  16. Do you know who made this cake?
  17. The man who lives next door is a doctor.
  18. Who can drive me to the airport?
  19. She is the one who always helps out.
  20. Who brought these flowers?

Sentences Using WHO


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