Correct Use of WILL: 20 Sentences Using WILL

Today, we have a useful lesson about a simple word we use a lot: “WILL”. When we talk about things that are going to happen in the future, we often use “WILL”. It’s like saying “this is what I plan to do” or “this is what I think will happen”. Understanding “WILL” can make talking about the future easy and fun. Let’s see how we can use this word in different ways.

Correct Use of “WILL”

“WILL” is used to express future actions or happenings. It shows what someone believes will happen or what they decide to do in the future. Here are a few rules to keep in mind:

  1. Expressing Future Decisions: Use “WILL” for decisions made at the moment of speaking.
  2. Predictions: When you think something will happen in the future, use “WILL”.
  3. Promises or Offers: “WILL” is used when you want to promise something or offer to do something.

20 Sentences Using “WILL”

  1. I will call you later.
  2. She will be here soon.
  3. Tomorrow, it will rain.
  4. They will help us with the project.
  5. Will you join us?
  6. The train will leave at 9 PM.
  7. I think she will win the race.
  8. This time, I will not fail.
  9. The movie will start in 10 minutes.
  10. He will finish his homework before dinner.
  11. Will it be sunny tomorrow?
  12. We will see what happens.
  13. Our team will play better next time.
  14. The store will close at 8 PM.
  15. I will try my best.
  16. She will not agree to that.
  17. The concert will be amazing.
  18. He will not believe this!
  19. We will meet at the usual place.
  20. That will make her happy.

Sentences Using WILL


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