Correct Use of WHOSE: 20 Sentences Using WHOSE

Today, we’re looking at a word that might seem tricky but is very useful: “whose.” It’s a word you’ll come across often, and understanding it can really help you speak and write better. Think of it as a helpful tool in your English toolbox, ready to make your sentences clearer and more interesting.

Correct Use of “WHOSE”

“Whose” is a possessive pronoun. It helps us show that something belongs to someone or something. Remember, when you want to talk about what belongs to whom, “whose” is your go-to word.

20 Sentences Using “WHOSE”

  1. This is the artist whose work amazed me.
  2. I met a girl whose cat can do tricks.
  3. Whose book is this on the table?
  4. The teacher, whose opinion we respect, agreed with us.
  5. They found the old house, whose doors were all painted blue.
  6. Whose jacket is hanging in the hallway?
  7. The story was about a woman whose dreams came true.
  8. We visited towns whose history dates back centuries.
  9. Whose idea was it to come here?
  10. The tree, whose leaves had turned golden, looked beautiful.
  11. Whose phone keeps ringing during the meeting?
  12. The company whose products we use is launching a new line.
  13. He has a friend whose brother plays professional soccer.
  14. Whose keys are these on the counter?
  15. In the film, the character whose fate was uncertain kept us guessing.
  16. Whose bike is that by the fence?
  17. She found the diary whose pages revealed a mystery.
  18. Whose glasses are on the bookshelf?
  19. The novel featured a hero whose courage inspired many.
  20. Whose backpack is this under the table?

Using “whose” in various positions in a sentence can help you articulate relationships between people and things more clearly, adding depth to your conversations and writings.

Sentences Using WHOSE


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