30 Examples of Post-modifiers

Post-modifiers are words, phrases, or clauses that come after the noun they modify to provide additional information, clarify meaning, or add detail. These can include relative clauses, prepositional phrases, and participial phrases.

Examples of Post-modifiers

Here are 30 example sentences with post-modifiers:

  1. The car parked outside is mine.
  2. She read the book on the table.
  3. The man walking the dog is my neighbor.
  4. The house at the end of the street is for sale.
  5. The cake with chocolate frosting looks delicious.
  6. The girl wearing a red dress won the prize.
  7. The flowers in the vase have wilted.
  8. The book written by J.K. Rowling is a bestseller.
  9. The movie directed by Spielberg won several awards.
  10. The people waiting in line grew impatient.
  11. The dog lying on the floor is asleep.
  12. The painting hanging on the wall is an original.
  13. The documents on the desk need to be signed.
  14. The students studying in the library are very focused.
  15. The birds flying in the sky look beautiful.
  16. The meal prepared by the chef was exquisite.
  17. The message written in the card was touching.
  18. The song playing on the radio is my favorite.
  19. The advice given by the counselor was helpful.
  20. The package delivered this morning contained a surprise.
  21. The story told by the grandmother was fascinating.
  22. The view from the window was spectacular.
  23. The jokes told by the comedian made everyone laugh.
  24. The dress designed by the fashionista was stunning.
  25. The solution proposed by the team was innovative.
  26. The building constructed last year is already famous.
  27. The tea served in the afternoon was refreshing.
  28. The scene depicted in the painting is serene.
  29. The questions asked by the interviewer were challenging.
  30. The path leading to the beach is scenic.

Examples of Post modifiers


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