30 Examples of Objective Case

The objective case of pronouns is used when the pronoun is the object of a verb or a preposition. This means it receives the action of the verb or is the object of the preposition.

Examples of Objective Case

Here are 30 example sentences using pronouns in the objective case:

  1. The teacher called me after class.
  2. Can you help him with his homework?
  3. The gift is for her.
  4. We invited them to the party.
  5. She will sit next to you.
  6. The cat is chasing it.
  7. Who is looking for me?
  8. She wrote a letter to him.
  9. They have a surprise for us.
  10. I will meet you at the café.
  11. The game was easy for them.
  12. Can us join you for dinner?
  13. He did not even notice her.
  14. The movie was too scary for them.
  15. She whispered something to me.
  16. Please pass the salt to him.
  17. I bought a gift for her.
  18. The coach is proud of us.
  19. He sent an email to me.
  20. They will call us when they arrive.
  21. I have a message for you.
  22. The dog followed him home.
  23. She baked cookies for them.
  24. Can you hear me?
  25. The joke made us laugh.
  26. He waved goodbye to her.
  27. They sent an invitation to us.
  28. Can I sit with you?
  29. The teacher was angry with them.
  30. She lent her book to me.

Examples of Objective Case


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