30 Examples of Possessive Case

The possessive case shows ownership or a relationship to something else. In English, possessive forms are often created by adding an apostrophe and an “s” to a noun, or by using possessive pronouns.

Examples of Possessive Case

Here are 30 example sentences using the possessive case:

  1. This is John’s book.
  2. Her dress is very beautiful.
  3. They parked their cars in their respective spots.
  4. Our meeting is scheduled for tomorrow.
  5. Your opinion matters to us.
  6. The cat licked its paws.
  7. My brother is coming to visit.
  8. Their house is at the end of the street.
  9. His project won the first prize.
  10. Your keys are on the table.
  11. Her voice is very soothing.
  12. Our vacation plans are quite exciting.
  13. This is everyone’s responsibility.
  14. Their dog is very friendly.
  15. His phone is not working.
  16. My glasses are missing.
  17. Your appointment is confirmed.
  18. Her idea was brilliant.
  19. Our teacher is very knowledgeable.
  20. Their garden is full of beautiful flowers.
  21. His car broke down on the way.
  22. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.
  23. Her performance was outstanding.
  24. Our team won the match.
  25. Their opinions were taken into consideration.
  26. His handwriting is very neat.
  27. Your lunch is ready.
  28. Her paintings are quite impressive.
  29. Our school is organizing a fair.
  30. Their arrival was delayed.

Examples of Possessive Case


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