30 Examples of Pre-modifiers

Pre-modifiers are words or groups of words that come before the main noun to add more detail or to qualify or modify its meaning. They can include adjectives, noun adjuncts, or any other word that modifies the noun by providing additional information about it.

Examples of Pre-modifiers

Here are 30 example sentences with pre-modifiers:

  1. The beautiful garden was a sight to behold.
  2. She received a large bonus for her outstanding work.
  3. They live in a spacious modern house.
  4. He bought a bright red car yesterday.
  5. The old wooden bridge creaked as we crossed.
  6. She wore a long, flowing dress to the event.
  7. The chilly autumn wind made us shiver.
  8. We saw a rare bird in the forest.
  9. The delicious aroma from the kitchen was irresistible.
  10. The young athlete broke the record.
  11. They adopted a small stray kitten.
  12. The ancient ruins were fascinating to explore.
  13. She has a vivid imagination.
  14. The tall skyscrapers dominated the skyline.
  15. The lush greenery of the park was soothing.
  16. A gentle breeze cooled the evening.
  17. The thick fog obscured our view.
  18. He solved a complex mathematical problem.
  19. The narrow streets were bustling with people.
  20. She has curly hair.
  21. The crystal clear water reflected the sky.
  22. They faced a daunting challenge.
  23. The golden sunset was breathtaking.
  24. The fragile vase must be handled with care.
  25. He made a bold decision.
  26. The icy path was slippery.
  27. The vibrant colors of the painting stood out.
  28. She gave a warm welcome to the guests.
  29. The starry night sky was mesmerizing.
  30. The silky fabric felt smooth.

Examples of Pre modifiers


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