Correct Use of WHOM: 20 Sentences Using WHOM

Welcome to today’s useful lesson, focusing on a word that often puzzles English learners: “whom.” This little word can trip up even those who’ve been studying English for a while. Today, we’re breaking it down to make it super clear. Understanding “whom” will help you sound more polished in conversations and writing. Let’s get started!

Correct Use of “WHOM”

The word “whom” is an object pronoun. This means it’s used to refer to the object of a sentence, often after prepositions like “to,” “for,” “with,” and “by.” It’s the “who” for objects, not subjects. Here’s how to decide if “whom” is correct: if you can replace it with “him” or “her,” “whom” is likely right. If “he” or “she” fits better, use “who.”

20 Sentences Using “WHOM”

  1. To whom did you give the book?
  2. The artist whom we met was very talented.
  3. She asked whom the letter was from.
  4. I don’t know whom to trust anymore.
  5. The manager, whom everyone respects, is retiring.
  6. Whom are you talking about?
  7. He couldn’t remember whom he had called.
  8. Whom did they invite to the party?
  9. The author, whom I admire, won an award.
  10. She wondered whom the gift was for.
  11. Whom should I contact in an emergency?
  12. The teacher whom you mentioned is my aunt.
  13. I’m not sure whom this affects more.
  14. The player, whom the fans cheered for, scored a goal.
  15. Whom do you think we should ask?
  16. She couldn’t decide whom to hire.
  17. The delegate whom they were expecting arrived late.
  18. Whom have you decided to nominate?
  19. The puppy, whom she adopted, is adorable.
  20. I have no idea whom that belongs to.

Sentences Using WHOM


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